About Us


Was founded in 2015, Mutti & Me, although founded a year ago is now one of the leading mother-daughter clothing lines in Europe and is the fastest global leading online retailer for special event dresses, casual dresses, party dresses and accessories for mother and daughter. Customers can browse the vast online selection and choose their favorite dresses with great satisfaction. Mutti & Me prides itself on exceptional customer service, high quality and affordable prices. Exactly one year ago, when Mutti & Me sprung from love. Love for my daughter and love for fashion. Clothes and retail therapy have always been a part of my life and now that I am a mother, I wanted to share my passion for beautiful clothes with my little princess and build wonderful experiences. I know probably a lot of people would think it is too fancy, or maybe cheesy and maybe sharing passion for fashion with our little ones promotes vanity…. Mutti & Me promotes otherwise. Mutti & Me creates clothes that are suited for mothers like me who are struggling to gain their body back, desiring to look great again and yearning to bond with their children. No one can better understand a mother than another mother. Mutti & Me aspires to help mothers find clothes that will not only hide their stubborn extra pounds, pounds that wont just go away, but will highlight their best features and finally acknowledge the good about themselves while at the same time effecting a bonding and prized experiences with their precious little ones. Giving our angles the pleasure and excitement of being our cute mini-me’s. Let me explain how Mutti and Me started…. New moms, all have different and unique stories. There are funny ones, exciting and even horrible stories of new parents. However, there are things that have been constant among mothers and those are losing the baby weight, wanting to feel good about themselves and being the best mother they could to their little angels. In my case, I want that in my journey of gaining Me again to share every moment of it with my baby, including my choices of clothes. Trying to fit into those old jeans and dresses weren’t that easy even after months of post pregnancy dieting. Chances are that no matter what we do weren't always that perfect. And so is looking for new wardrobe that would give good vibes after months of grueling dieting. But of course, it’s not just about us now, it also about us being a parent. I’m also sure most mothers at one point or another, would like their babies to be their mini duplicates. So when my baby turned one (year old), I searched for matching outfits for her and me. So I went from one store to another only to be disappointed. It is either you’re too thin or fat, nothing in between and nothing for my munchkin and me. I tried online shops, basically ones available were mass produced outfits for mothers and daughters. Nothing against the mass-produced clothes, however, they often look different from their pictures. And of course I wish that whatever it is that I make my baby a part of would always be special. In my attempt to find the outfits that would accentuate my pluses and hide my minuses, I stumbled on customed-tailored clothes. So I went to personally chose the fabric, made sure it’s soft and baby-friendly and lovingly and patiently designed the dresses. At first I only had one pair of matching ensemble made for my daughter and me. We wore it in one special occasion and the feedback was tremendous. We rocked our matching outfit! The dresses not only fit my daughter and me well, we made a statement but most of all had so much fun being twins for a day. I loved how my daughter held my hand, I loved how she looked at me and I loved how she felt good with her dress and looking like me! This was one adventure worth repeating. Hence one pair of matching outfit led to another and another. And because I have in the fingertips that there are so many mothers wanting to have that same cherished moment with their daughters, I created Mutti & Me. Mutti & Me, do not just make clothes, we make memories.


The Best Source to Turn Your Event into Something Truly Special

For weddings, anniversaries, parties of all sort, or just simply enjoying time with your little ones, the supplies and fashions you use reflect the importance and glamour of the occasion. Get the best items for your event without breaking your budget at Mutti & Me. We are a trusted global online retailer that gives you the highest quality supplies—from custom-made couture party dresses to ready to wear apparels and unique jewelries and accessories to a wide range of elegant party supplies—to make your special moment unforgettable.

The High Quality Craftsmanship & Affordable Prices Your Special Occasion Deserves

Mutti & Me understands the importance of your event, which is why we only provide the highest quality materials and designs in everything we deliver. And, all of our selections are incredibly affordable, starting at just $50 and featuring savings of up to 60% off competitors’ prices.

Look Your Best on Your Special Day

From party dresses to your everyday apparel, you and your little one deserve to look your most fabulous during your any event. Mutti & Me turns your fantasy into reality by providing exceptional couture fashion and impeccable design at affordable prices. Our collections use only the highest quality materials and detailing, creating styles that are not only timeless but that also represent the best in value.

Confidence & Security While You Shop

Online shopping can be intimidating in our modern age of Internet fraud. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Mutti & Me offers a secure and safe shopping environment for all customers. We use trusted payment processing systems, integrate globally recognized payment technology, and accept credit card, debit card, wire transfer, Western Union, and PayPal payments. Now you have the convenience to pay as you like and the confidence that your information is safe.



Always Looking Out for You

We understand that preparing for your any event such as your little ones birthday or a relative’s wedding can be stressful enough. That’s why we deliver world-class customer service to ensure your shopping experience at Mutti & Me is as smooth and pleasant as possible. Whether you have questions before you order or after your items have arrived, we have experienced customer service professionals available via live chat or through fast response ticket system. From the beginning to the end of your shopping experience with us, we are dedicated to making you happy.

Professional Care From Material to Delivery

Material Procurement: After checking the fabric quality from several suppliers, Mutti & Me selects the most delicate fabric for customers. Mutti & Me uses solid and exquisite threads only to make comfortable dresses.
Processing: Mutti & Me uses the latest technology and highest craftsmanship standards to always meet customers' expectations.
Packing / Delivering: Every dress of Mutti & Me is packed well in the package separately, avoiding products being scratched or ripped. Always choosing the best shipper to make the delivery, Mutti & Me guarantees all the customers will receive their dresses in good manner.